Organization Detail

Shinston Organization Detail

AP Development

Providing business model proposal according to customers’ requirement, and developing high quality and high maintainability system and software which meets the customer’s demand in a short time. According to the customer’s business size, purpose, aimed at new developped business, expanded business, new business support and other types of requirement, we provide various web network application development and software development service. Fully using yearly accumulated technology and specialized knowledge, we provide the customer with solution sutible for the client requirement, and equipped with flexible support system. Shinston can provide high quality service in short time and thus can suscessfully realize reducing cost requirement of customer.

ERP Development

ERP comes out with the requirement of enterprise overall management from the angle of management resources and the purpose of improving operational efficiency. When importing ERP system, Shinston establishes unique operational method, and is able to flexibly meet customers’requirement. We can provide various ERP service which can realize the target of customer operation strategy and sales strategy.The basis of this service is that we regard the customer’s opinion as the most important things.

Embedded Development

Our technicians are good at communication with customers, and are currently active in mobile phone, electronic dictionary, bank ATM machines, navigator, USB drives and other types of development areas.

Product Agent

The products we sell include overseas well-known brands and independent R & D products and we take full advantage of contantly expending vast international market and consider the future profit enhancing as the goal.

Network Service

Flexibly using open resources; adopting LINUX to realize high quality, low cost service. No matter the business scope is big or small, we can all propose solution suitable for environment requirement of server building, application, management and other types.