Business Policy

Shinston Business Policy

Through developping solid career, we pay attention to each individual, from the client to the staff, and grow together with the society.

Grasping leading trend, pursuit of innovation, reponse to the times change with moderate vision; continuing endeavor for realizing each individual’s value, no matter the client or the staff. 。

Sustained efforts to become the most trusted partner of the clients and empolyees by sincerety and responsible spirit.

Employee Rules of Shinston

The following 10 rules are as the basic work guideline and endeavoring everyday ongoingly:

1. Creating healthy, lively and positive work atmosphere

2. Honest working, trustworthy

3. Keeping sustained enthusiasm to the work

4. Innovation, endeavoring, and always initiatively improving work

5. Pursuit of improving technology day by day

6. Can convert optimistic mood even if failure

7. Maintaining a high degree of responsibility to complete the work

8. Happily work, loving the job, taking pride in job

9. Engaged in valuable work; enjoying stable life

10. Proud of being a member of the company