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Shinston Profile

Shinston is a software company which faces to Japanese and American market co-established by some technical professionals who work and live in Japan for long terms. Our company institutes good talent strategy, fully respects individual’s originality, and creates vast development space for personal capacity.

While emphasizing on giving play to personal capacity, we also put emphasis on cultivating team spirit. Shinston considers customer and staff as the most important thing and is a team of honest and trustworthy, with cohesion, and high courage of challenge. Thus, under the premise of enhancing flexible system and assuring high quality, we can reduce the cost. In the future, the company goal is to become an international enterprise of technology creating new value.

With customer demand oriented, from the embedded web development to an open web network application development, we are sure to provide high quality and reassuring service to customer with our daily increasing efforts and enterprising carving out.