Recruit Information

Shinston Recruit Information

In order to do a good job, do a good person first; character is more important than technology

① kind and friendly to people

② ever considering from opposite position

③ truly being considerate and thankfulness

④ grateful to the backup person

⑤ having self-confidence, self-esteem and modestly contribute to the community

⑥ ever company emphasized

System proposal, upper design, from programming, testing to delivery, maintenance
Job content open web network application system development
-Experienced in JAVA、EJB、Servlet、STRUTS、.NET、C、C++、C#、VC++、PHP、Delphi、ORACLE、MSSQL  SERVER、Mysql、Posgresql、UNIX、LINUX、UML、SAP、SOA

Experienced in embedded development
-Experienced in development of cell phone (3G)
-Semi-conductor, LSI design, electronic circuit design
-Navigation system, dictionary
Employment form Formal Employee, Contract Employee

Month salary: JPY 180,000-650,000 (Japanese Yen) (Formal employee has 3 months probation period)

Working hours 9:00-18:00 (150-190 hours monthly)
Leave and holiday Saturday and Sunday, public holiday, (formal employee) paid vacation, beginning and end of the year
Treatment travel expenses, fully paid
Formal employee: salary raise: once a year; bonus: twice a year
Contract employee: according to the contract
Recruit qualification no restrict of age, sex, looking for people with capability
Priority of the following -people with strong communication ability
-people with active, spontaneous spirit of learning new technology
-people with a sense of responsibility
-people with the sense of willing to growing with the company