Privacy Policy

Shinston company (hereinafter “our company”), has a profound understanding of reasonable access to personal information and complete protection being the responsibility of the society. Protection policy of the personal information is formulated as follows. All staff of the company should fully aware of this responsibility and take part in the protection activity of personal information.

Personal Information Protection Policy

1. Comply with the Act

Our company will abide by the laws and norm relative to the personal information

2. Appropriate Information Management

Our company will give great efforts on appropriate prevent on the personal information leakage, loss, modification, illegal use and other types of misconduct. We will provide personal information training to all the staff and thorough implementate confidential protecting measures.

3. Collection Purpose and Usage Scope

Our company will collect personal information within the necessary scope proceeding from production, recruitment, business consulting, etc requirement. When collecting personal information, we will indicate collecting purpose at that time, restrict the usage scope of personal information collecting, give efforts to emplementing personal information protection and we only use customers’ personal information within the scope of providing service and business usage for the customer.

4. Information Display and Limitation

When our company gets the personal information of client, we will clearly indicate the usage purpose based on the commitment and will collect relative information within necessary scope in order to realize this purpose in the future. Our company will adopt appropriate response measure within reasonable scope when the customer wants to display, modify, supplement and remove personal information. In addition, When we need display personal information to the third party, we will get the customer’s agreement beforehand for the usage scope and strict management. However, if under the requirement of courts, police and other official department by relative act, we can also display and provide personal information without confirmation of the customers.

5. Use of Personal Information

When our company uses customer personal information, we will only use within the scope of usage purpose and will never use out of the usage purpose scope. In addition, the cooperation company will also use the relative information from customer. The customer who is willing to be stopped, please consult “ personal intelligence consulting window”.

6. Internal Continuous Assessment

The rules and relative implemented organization structure that our company processes personal information is a sustained more effective and suitable application method, and will continue to re-evaluation and improvement.

7. Consultation

About the relative consultation of our company processing personal information, please contact the following.

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